Alice Hawkins Suffragette - a Sister of Freedom
Alice Hawkins

Alice Hawkins

Alice's Grand Daughters

Vera, Madge and Joan
Keeping Alive the Memories
of their Valiant
Grand-mother Alice


Alice’s Commemorative Plaque

Alice’s commemorative plaque

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Welcome to the website created in memory of our valiant grandmother and great-grandmother of a hundred years ago: Alice Hawkins.

The story of Alice is a tremendous account of one woman’s fight for the most basic of human rights - the right to vote.

Born in 1863, Alice lived most of her life in Leicester. A mother of six and shoe machinist by trade, Alice was determined to have an equal say in the democracy of the day and was imprisoned five times in all in her struggle.

Illustrated with suffragette memorabilia that once belonged to Alice and handed down over the family generations, this website is intended to offer students, both young and old, the opportunity to learn about the suffragette movement from a personal perspective.

Now safely stored in a Midlands museum, the memorabilia includes Alice’s first arrest warrant, prison notes, press cuttings and postcards from the day. But more importantly, Alice is still within living memory, for Vera, Madge and Joan remember their grand-mother and have passed on the stories of her fight for the vote. Their abiding memory is of Alice saying to them:

“You must use your vote, we suffered for it.”

A message from many years ago, as true today...

Alice's Votes For Women sash

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